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Heartbeat and Gender baby boy or girl
Heartbeat and Gender baby boy or girl

Your baby is growing tremendously by the time you reach 10 weeks pregnant. As your pregnancy continues week by week you'll notice periods of time where your baby goes through rapid developmental changes. During pregnancy week 10 your baby starts being referred to as a fetus rather than an embryo. During the fetal period our baby is less at risk for certain birth defects and congenital malformations, so give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!
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By pregnancy of 10 weeks your baby has reached an important developmental milestone. While it is still important that you avoid any potential toxins throughout your pregnancy week by week, you can rest a little easier knowing your baby has past the most critical stage where congenital malformations are most likely.

Keep in mind that exposure to common toxins included second hand smoke is still very harmful during pregnancy. If at all possible avoid environments that may expose you and your baby to harmful substances during pregnancy and especially at 10 weeks pregnant (like second hand smoke). Don't hesitate to express our needs if you find yourself in a precarious position. Most people will bend over backwards to accommodate the needs of a pregnant woman.

By pregnancy week 10 your baby's organ systems are developing fully. Tissues are forming in the kidney, liver, heart and intestines. Within the next three weeks these organ systems will undergo amazing developments. Your baby will also start growing details, like fuzzy hair and toenails! By the end of pregnancy at 10 weeks your baby will also start swallowing and may even start kicking (though you won't be feeling those precious first kicks yet!).

Pregnancy week 10 is a good time to start taking photographs of your belly. Many women like to keep a photographic record of their belly that shows the changes in their belly from week to week. Years later you can look back and show your little one how much your tummy grew from week to week.

By pregnancy week 10 you may have heard your baby's heartbeat for the first time at your doctors office. Many fist time moms describe the sound of their baby's heartbeat as similar to galloping horses. Don't fret however if you haven't heard this yet, by 12 weeks pregnant most women will have heard their baby's heartbeat on a Doppler for the first time.

The heartbeat is another way which can help you in guessing baby gender. It is believed that the fetal heartbeat is different among boys and girls. If you get a fetal heartbeat above 140, you will have a girl. If it is below 140, you will have a boy. Science, once again, argues with this belief. Science posts it that a baby's heart rate does not have anything to do with gender until the baby is born.


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